November 30, 2014: Karina Ghor, Healing Sound Practitioner

KarinaGhorKarina is a Healing Sound Practitioner. Born and raised in Russia, her ability is rooted in spiritual faith healing passed from her grandfather.

Inspired by the mysteries of life, she was introduced to the realm of Sound by the Creation Story from the Mystical Kabbala: “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. “The Word” refers to sound, which is the creative force of the Universe. In the Hindu tradition the word AUM (Om), is the sound that initiated the Creation.

Having experienced healing to the depths of her spirit by Sound vibration, Karina works with clients by channeling healing intentions from Heart-Centered Love. In her healing sessions she creates an atmosphere for personal energy rebalancing and rejuvenation, so that participants can regain equilibrium from disruptive life experiences and thereby return their energy to harmonic resonance. Recipients of Karina’s sound vibration sessions typically find the calming effects simultaneously nourishing and stimulating, and that these effects often continue for days and sometimes weeks beyond the actual session.

Karina has developed a feminine-focused Satsang Song Practice and leads a group in which women sing in a meditative state and open a door to a domain of Deep Inner Silence. Participants expand their attention and awareness through breathing, melody, harmony, rhythm, and call and response exercises, in order to experience and maintain elevated levels of consciousness and health. During this process, the body instrument is tuned by the life energy flowing through the voice. Hers is a practice of invoking the divine to manifest in one’s reality through song.

Karina collaborates with Bay area sound healers, musicians and artists in Sonic Mystery group leading sound healing journeys for community groups.

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